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Vacuum School is the place to learn about vacuums.
Educate yourself before shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.


There's an old saying that goes....
Don't believe anything you see and only half of what you hear.

That couldn't be any more true than with vacuum cleaners. If you've watched T.V., you've seen an 8 pound vacuum lift a bowling ball. A company recently has a handvac lifting a metal safe. At a recent convention, a company used their vacuum to lift a CAR!

Tricks like this sell lots of machines for those companies, and millions of people take those machines home, plug them in, use them a few times, and then begin to ask themselves....
If it can pick up a (insert trick here), then why can't it pick up a piece of fuzz from my carpet???

That's right!! Houdini himself would be proud of the magic and illusions used to show vacuum power! (By the way, you'll learn that answer later in Math 101 - Power Ratings

A favorite trick of the in-home salespeople is to have you vacuum a spot 50-100 times with your old vacuum, then they go over the same spot with their overpriced $2000 Whizo model once, and show you all the dirt your old machine left behind.

This trick has sold thousands of machines, and this trick has been used virtually since the beginning of door-to-door sales.

The answer friends is simple: As bags and filters 'plug up' with dirt, the machine begins to lose power. Since you probably don't have new bags and filters in your old vacuum, it doesn't stand a chance against the $2000 whizmo model, simply because it DOES have new bags and filters installed.

Please don't get me wrong....those salespeople are there to entertain you, and their machine probably is a little better than your old one. There's nothing wrong with paying to see a good show, but don't get conned into paying $2000 to see it!!!

The point I'm trying to make is simply this:

Be a smart shopper. Take these 'tricks' as entertainment value, and educate yourself on what really makes a vacuum clean the floors and filter the air well. You'll learn how to do this in the lessons that follow.

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