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Vacuum School is the place to learn about vacuums.
Educate yourself before shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.

Saving Money

Congratulations! If you've mastered the previous courses, you're ready to graduate. You know the truth about how these machines operate, and you're ready to make a great descision.

We do not sell vacuums on our site, nor do we recommend any specific dealer. However, we are more than happy to share some shopping tips which will save you money on your purchase, and guarantee that you get what you pay for.

There are 4 sources for your new machine:

(1) Door to door salesmen: If you've got the money to burn, any of the door to door brands are decent machines. However, none of them are worth what they cost, and if you read the ratings chart, you know there are better deals to be had for much less of your hard earned money.

(2) Chain / mass merchant stores are great for buying a gallon of paint or a toaster, but not so great for buying a complicated appliance like a vacuum cleaner. First of all, the brands they carry are sold on marketing savvy, and now that you've educated yourself about all of their tricks, you know these brands are not for you. Also, these places do not offer service or support. Would you buy a refrigerator from a store that couldn't provide service? Then why purchase a vacuum cleaner from them?

(3) Local vacuum dealers. If you have a local dealer in your area, go talk to them. Compare pricing, brands, and quiz them about the things you've learned on this site? Are you eager to help you make a good decision, or are they simply 'pushing' whatever has the best profit margin? Use your judgement. If you have an honest dealer, great. If the person you're talking with does not come across as being honest, shop elsewhere.

(4) Online vacuum dealers. Many reputable dealers are online. Most of them have retail stores, along with their internet websites. If you are willing to wait a few days for your machine to arrive, you'll probably get a better price by shopping online, plus you'll save money by not having to pay sales tax. (If you purchase a $500 machine, and the sales tax in your state is 6%, then you saved $30 on that purchase just by shopping online.)

Shop Wisely (and safely)

If you're purchasing a new machine, make sure that the company you're dealing with is an authorized dealer for the manufacturer.

Make sure that the dealer is a member of the Better Business Bureau. If you're dealing with a local store, see if they have a BBB plaque displayed in their store.

If you're shopping online, make sure that you see a Better Business Bureau logo on their website. Click the link, and it will take you to the BBB website, where you can see if they are a member in good standing.

Just because a company is not a member of the BBB doesn't mean they are not legitimate, but when making a purchase of this size, it puts the odds in your favor. The BBB will not accept businesses until they are established, and online they will not accept businesses which do not have a real 'physical' location. (In other words, you won't be buying from someone working out of their basement.)

One example is Vacuum Outlet, which has been online since the 1990's.

Follow these tips, and you'll have a good purchasing experience, and a get a machine with the power, filtration, and performance that you want and need for your home and family at a good price.

Class Dismissed!!! - Go shopping!!!

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