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Vacuum School is the place to learn about vacuums.
Educate yourself before shopping for a new vacuum cleaner.


First the good news - you do NOT have to spend $1000-$2000 to get a great machine which will provide many years of quality service.

Then the bad news - you are NOT going to get a decent machine for $100-$200 at the local discount/chain store. The brands you'll find there are from manufacturers which are good at advertising, not at making quality vacuum cleaners. They've lowered the quality to the level of disposable razors, and the stores that sell them usually don't even have the ability to service them, so if you have a problem after your purchase, you're usually 'on your own'.

Think of it this way...Would you buy a new car from a dealership that didn't have a service department?....Would you buy any other appliance, such as a stove or refrigerator from a store that didn't repair what they sold you, and couldn't even tell you where to go for service?

The bottom line: Your vacuum cleaner is going to have the job of cleaning and protecting thousands of dollars of the contents of your home. Treat it as a major appliance purchase, and you'll be 'ahead of the game'.

So what do you do???

First of all, make your purchase from someone who specializes in vacuum cleaners, whether it be a local vacuum dealer, or an online vacuum store. Despite the (unfortunately sometimes well deserved) bad reputation vacuum salesman tend to have, there are many, many honest and reputable dealers to choose from. If you run into one that isn't, shop elsewhere.

This is where education becomes important. Great machines are available in every price range, depending on the features you need.

If filtration is a high priority, (or if you have allergies or breathing problems), and you've learned all the 'gimmicks' manufacturers used when you read Air Filtration, then you can find great machines for as little as $400.

If power is important to you, (especially if you are a pet owner), and you've educated yourself on those 'tricks' when you read Power, you'll be happy to find that the highest powered machines on the market are not the $2000 machines sold in homes, but can be had starting in the $400 range.

If you're willing to step down a notch in these two areas, then you'll be able to great a great vacuum for $200-$400.

If you are looking to invest less than $200, then the truth is you are not going to get much for your money. You may have a machine that can do the 'bowling ball' trick, but it won't have enough power the clean your home.Despite all the wonderful claims of the vacuum makers, you'll end up with a cheap plastic vacuum with an inefficient motor and really poor filtration. (You havn't studied well, and will receive a failing grade for this class....)

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